private session

Private session is the one to one session either we see each other in my salon or connect through the zoom app.

It is just like we are having small chat over few cups of tea.

You will be relaxed and talk about what you feel is the problem and how you wish it to be different. 

Then I will switch my brain wave to the theta to read the energy block which is causing the situation.

It might be coming not only from your own life but from your ancestors or your past lives or even group consciousness.

With your permission, we can let go of this block and replace them with positive energy.

And downloads them for you to use it correctly.

It is so simple, easy and fun!

To book the session, please use the form below or contact me to my address (

Now I am taking female clients only.

One session takes about 1hour and the fee is JPY17000 or $156​